Existing Models
2024-02-23 12:30:56

I’ve found several existing models.

  • Psi-thoery by Dietrich Dörner et al
  • OpenCog by Ben Goertzel et al

The structure of both has some similarities with mine. The quad of psi has similar features as the representations in my model, which include the sur/sub connection (corresponding to Connection 1) and a motor-state graph (corresponding to Connection 2). However, I just notice these two models so might take time to understand them.

One note: both models, especially OpenCog focus on creating AGI, whereas my model is less focused on AI stuff but more about providing a cognitive (which indicates that it is not equivalent to neurological models) framework to better understand the human psychological processes. Another thing is that LLMs like ChatGpt is very popular recently and people consider it the best approach to AGI. I don’t have much opinion on that since I’m not an AI expert, but if our goal is understanding humans, I still prefer an explanatory model that relies less on statistics.